Thank you for your time talking with me today about your company's interactive teaching tools. Yes, It is correct to write and confirm the meeting. "I am writing to confirm our meeting at 12:30 on Tuesday. Looking forward to meeting you there. Your appointment will take place at 3 p.m. on Thursday 14 March at our Astana offices in Emerald Towers. When writing an email to confirm a verbal agreement, maintain email writing best practice. I genuinely appreciate a prompt confirmation from your side. However, starting drafting with ‘I am writing’ can be a great way to get the words flowing – you just have to make sure you go back and edit it out again. Your email should have an introduction that states the purpose of your email; a middle/body detailing the information you want confirmed by the client, and conclude with a call to action that ensures you receive the requested information/reaction. I am writing to thank you so much for inviting me to last week’s seminar … becomes: Dear Clare. 9 years ago. 1. 英文ビジネスメールの前文(書き出し)には「I am writing~」などよく使われます。英文では、宛先、件名、受取人名、頭語、前文、本文、末文、結語、差出人名(署名)で構成されます。「I am writing you reading」など書き出しの例文を見てみましょう。 I understand that the cost of each book is $45, but that we will receive a volume discount of 10 percent. Is a perfect reply. Steps. If you require any assistance in finding the location please contact [me, us] on [phone number, email]. I am writing to confirm Jackson Elementary School's order of 200 copies of Kindergarten Math Fun. Be specific, while adding information related to the date, time and location in the first paragraph. We look forward to meeting you soon. A letter of confirmation accomplishes this end, as it reviews the details of the agreement. The cost of our order, then, will be $8100. I am writing to confirm your meeting with [person or group of people] on [date] at [location]. Sentence examples similar to we are writing to confirm from inspiring English sources similar ( 59 ) I am writing to confirm the government's decision to determine the … Anonymous. When you arrive, please go to the reception on the 26th floor and ask for me. Letter of Confirmation of Marital Status Sample. Refer to your last contact with your reader, if … 1 0. To whom it may concern, I am writing to confirm my marital status, which has changed since the time I entered the Diversity Visa program. It is wise to confirm an agreement in writing to ensure that all parties share the same understanding, and that you have a written record for future reference. For example: Dear Clare. “I am writing to thank you for your assistance.” Informing “It has come to our notice that…” “I am writing to inform you that…” “Please be advised that…” “I am writing to advise you that…” Confirming “I am writing to confirm ….” “I would like to confirm ….” Asking for information or advice Thank you so much for inviting me to last week’s seminar … The way you have phrased the sentenced could be correct, but I think it would be helpful to be more specific. I will take you to Mrs Aronov's office. I look forward to seeing you then". Explanation of the English phrase "I am writing to inform you that (clause)": This is a phrase that people use at the beginning of a very formal letter or e-mail. When I first entered the lottery on August 01, 2012, I was married, however as of March 14, 2013, I am now divorced. I am writing to confirm your appointment with our HR manager, Mrs Sofia Aronov. For example, if you're writing a letter to inform an employee that you are firing them, it might start: I am writing to inform you that we will not be renewing your contract for 2011.

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